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Removing competition

Hi Walter,

I hope your premium subscriptions are coming along well. I want to tell you something about your Competition like Calm, Zen and others.

They are spoon feeding and coddling people. I don’t think this is the correct way to help people, with this approach, in other words, they are teaching people to run away from their problems.

I have reason to believe that, this is not the wise and prudent way to help people to solve their problems.

The mindfulness practice is all about embracing reality as it is, regardless if it appears good or bad, and/ or happy or sad.

I think Inward. inc can be a global leader and be uniquely different!

What I like about Inward inc., is your team teaches people to solve their own problems through customer loyalty.

This makes you Walter, and your team have a competitive edge, unfortunately since we live in the digital age where people like to be coddled. It is not healthy!

Now, you may have to do some spoon feeding and coddling to tantalize and dazzle, in order to get people’s attention, and make them rethink how they can treat themselves humanely, and rethink how they can treat others humanely, and still stay competitive with your competition.

Maybe you can teach people how not to run away from their feelings and problems with your apps, it would be a responsible way to do business.

I think inward inc. can create a loyalty and genuine concern for people’s well-being and stay profitable and on top.

I think this approach will set you light years ahead of your competition. I can help with this, if you like?

How does that sound?

Mindfully Yours,

Victor George Palmer Junior

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