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Health Benefits of Minfulness

I recently read Sam Harris' book "Waking Up" which provides a great deal of information about the physical and mental short and long term benefits of mindfulness practice, and meditation in general. In the first few days of the program, it might be nice if the app provided more information on what we are trying to achieve with mindfulness practice, what the health benefits are why things like focusing on the breath and doing a body scan etc. is do beneficial. Rick Hanson's Foundations of Well-being program just completed its mindfulness pillar which also contained great info.

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    Just mentioning Belleruth Naparstek-her audios & books quite excellent tho Difft style.

    Back to voices, I'm very happy with present one. If have to have variety, I highly recommend Stin Hanson's voice.

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    Great feedback! We like those authors too, and will endeavor to do more towards what you describe.

    Please continue to give feedback on this. Any specific quotes, data or even suggested content (e.g., if you think a particular lesson theme or text would be good based on your experience or expertise) we'd love to hear them and would value it greatly :-)


    cofounder + ceo

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