MD 2.0 - HealthKit Integration Mindful Minutes

How do I set up HealthKit to track Mindful Minutes?

All new and returning users will be greeted by a setup flow when returning to Mindfulness Daily 2.0 for the first time.

In the setup you'll be able to connect Mindfulness Daily 2.0 to HealthKit.

If you missed this, please find directions below in how to return to the App Setup flow. Please note that we'll continue to look for ways to simplify the app, and having better access to HealthKit settings is one of them.

This is not ideal yet (we're still ironing out wrinkles), but here is how you can do it for now:

  • Open Mindfulness Daily
  • Tap on (+) from its homescreen
  • Tap on Flows in the second section titled Resources
  • Tap on App Setup
  • Hit Next about 3 times until you get to the screen "Mindful Minutes"
  • Tap on "Connect to Apple's Healthkit Mindful Minutes" link text halfway down screen
  • Tap Yes or Turn on and Yes (just following the instructions from HealthKit on the screen)
  • Keep pressing next till the last screen with "Done" and then press Done

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