MD 2.0 How to access Mindfulness Center in the latest update?

We're starting to refine how to navigate content in our preparation to adding a lot more premium content. Sorry for any confusion in the process as we move things around to get things right.

To access the tracks that previously were access in the Practice section under the section Mindfulness Center, please follow the directions below:

  • Open Mindfulness Daily
  • Tap on EXPLORE icon bottom right on homescreen
  • Tap Playlists on the upper right tab just below the screen navigation bar
  • Scroll to the left the rectangles under Mindfulness Center till you get to 2017
  • Tap 2017 to see all the tracks previously listed under Mindfulness Center in previous updates

  • If you continue to have a problem or want to give us feedback in how we can do this better, please email us at

    May you find peace, happiness and your favorite tracks!

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