MD - 2.0 Password: Reset password / Forgot password

To receive a temporary password: 
  • Tap on the Mindfulness Daily "Mindful" Icon (+) on your iOS device.
  • On the Mindfulness Daily Sign In page, tap the "Log in" button.
  • Below the two input boxes and "Log In" button, you’ll see two blue links.  Tap the one that says "Forgot Password?"
  • Enter the email address you used to register with MindfulnessDaily and tap the “Send Recovery Email” button.  
  • You should instantly receive a notification  “Success!  A password recovery email has been sent to this account.  Please check your email and follow the instructions to reset your password.”
  • Go to your email inbox, open the email with the subject "inward Password Recovery". This will start the multi-step process to confirm its your account and to get a temporary password.
  • Click on the link within the email, which will confirm your request and will send you a second email.
  • Go back to your email inbox to open the second email with the subject "inward Password Reset". Your new, temporary password will be included in the email. 
  • Cut and paste the temporary password in the email (it is case sensitive) and enter it into the password box on the login page of Mindfulness Daily.
  • Use this temporary password to log in to the MindfulnessDaily app, where you’ll be able to set a new password for yourself.

To update your temporary password to something easily remembered:
  • After logging in with the temporary password, from the home page of Mindfulness Daily, tap the (+) button in lower right corner of screen
  • Tap bottom button "More"
  • Tap "Settings"
  • Scroll down
  • Tap on the "Change Password" 
  • Paste the temporary password into the respective box.
  • Then enter in a new password twice.
  • Tap "Change Password" to complete the process.
  • Press "Back" link in the upper left corner when you are done.
  1. Open emails from your device so you can cut and paste the password.
  2. Be sure to look for the second email with the temp password (the first one only confirms you own the email account)
  3. Update the password immediately so the temp password is easily pasted in again
  4. If you don't receive any emails, please look in your spam filter.
  5. Contact us through the app or through if you have any additional questions or feedback.
Thank you for your continued kindness and support. 

Kind regards,

cofounder + ceo

P.s., we're working on a simpler process to make this less of a hassle. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or have feedback on the process. Thanks again!

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