What is inward inc?

Inward inc is a mobile health platform that offers adaptable building blocks optimized for behavioral change across populations and evidence based interventions.

We power apps like Mindfulness Daily that are available to consumers and businesses.

Believing in both the need to apply evidence based programs in daily life AND to keep moving forward what's possible based on research data from daily life, we also power apps made specifically for the research community for organizations like the Veterans Affairs to help returning vets suffering from PTSD and multiple leading universities to help various populations like teens who text and people trying to mindfully quick smoking. 

To learn more, please go to www.InwardInc.com and submit your contact info or contact us via email at contact@inward.me.

We're an extremely lean, focused startup, and collaborate with several individuals and organizations that wish to join in the mission of positively impacting individuals and organizations daily.

Kind regards,

cofounder + ceo

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